Kids are amazing. Their books should reflect it.
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Kids Are Kind Publishing is on a mission to make positive chapter books for elementary kids the norm.

We’ve advanced as a society to say, “No More!” to bullying, to be inclusive, and bold in our values. As teachers and parents, we work so hard to teach children right from wrong, to be courteous and respectful. We help them to feel empowered, capable, and confident. To be kind. Yet a lot of existing chapter books exemplify the exact opposite.

We’re working to change that.

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by Nina Saporta

Sunshine Elementary is a refreshingly positive and progressive chapter book series that follows four friends as they navigate elementary school using kindness and problem solving skills. Perfect for grades 1-6.

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What happens when a kind engineer, a cool surfer, a witty comedian, and a sensitive friend get introduced with a CRASH outside of their new school? 

Follow Hanny, Wilder, Winnie, and Jonah as they journey through the first day at their brand new school by the shore. At Sunshine Elementary, the students create their own class rules, define who they are, navigate situations with kindness, and solve problems using creativity and engineering skills. This positive, heartwarming, and influential story will inspire readers and ignite the idea that we all have it in us to change the world.

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We all have it in us to change the world. 


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If the experiences kids read about in books plant seeds,

why not plant great ones?