We love passing the mic.

If you have a story that embodies the values of Kids are Kind Publishing, and you personally believe that children are intrinsically kind, capable, amazing people who deserve to be represented as such in the books they read, we’d love to hear from you. We focus on the chapter book genre and are especially excited to use this platform to amplify #ownvoices. We are a small but growing house and will do our best to get back to you within 4-6 weeks. As a general rule, if a publisher doesn’t get back to you, we still think you’re awesome, it’s just hard to keep up with the volume of submissions.

Qualities that will let you know if your book is a good fit for us:

  • It’s a chapter book (we support all positive books, but this is the gap focusing on filling at this time)

  • The characters are kind, uplift one another, and exemplify positive social interactions

  • Authors are from the diverse group they’re writing about (not required, but we love to hear from #ownvoices)

  • Not geared specifically towards boys or girls (and doesn’t use outdated gender stereotypes)

  • Represents characters from different races, ethnicities, religions, family structures, abilities, cultures, etc.

  • Minimal fantasy (we have nothing against fantasy, we promise, we’re just interested in giving readers relatable examples and inspiration)

  • Engineering and STEAM is a plus!


Submission Guidelines

To submit a book proposal, please include the following in an email to Submissions@KidsAreKind.com:

  • A synopsis of your book

  • A brief author biography

  • Why specifically you feel that Kids are Kind Publishing is a good fit for your book

  • An example of how kindness is exemplified in your book

  • What you have done and what you plan to do to bring your book to life

A little note for your back pocket:

Book publishers receive massive amounts of submissions, so please don’t get discouraged if you haven’t found the right fit yet. This is all part of the process (what kind of success story would it be to not have a stack of rejection letters before becoming a bestselling author?). The best advice we can give for querying us or any other publisher or agent is to keep it personal. Let us hear your voice speaking directly to us. Don’t ever try to change your voice to please someone else. The right team is out there waiting to hear from exactly you. Don’t give up! We’re so proud of you.